Dutch courses

For whom?

This Dutch Course is for people with study skills at the tertiary education level who have not mastered the Dutch language at level A2/B1.


Learning to speak, listen, read and write the Dutch language at level A2 of B1, starting at any level you have obtained behorel.


You work with a coursebook and PC. With your book you have access to a computer program with extra exercises. In class you work together with your fellow students on speaking, pronunciation and listening skills in particular. You also work on grammar, writing, reading and vocabulary, in class and at home.

We work with three coursebooks:

  • De Opmaat leads you from level 0 to level A2. Level A2 is the level of the Civic Integration Examination (Inburgeringsexamen).
  • De Sprong leads you from level A2 to level B1.
  • Vooruit! prepares for 'Staatsexamen l'.

We also use the grammar book ' Klare Taal'. 


You attend two 90-minute lessons per week. The time needed to get from level A0 to level A2 is about one school year. You may also follow a program only partly. For instance, you could start a program halfway through. This depends on your starting level. 

Your own pace and style of learning, as well as your being able to spend time on your homework are important factors for the time needed to reach a next level. We hold on to the following guideline: 1 evening session (90 minutes) goes with at least 1 hour of homework.


Intake and tests

We start with an admission interview. During this interview the interviewer forms an image of your speaking skills. After that you do a study skills test and language tests for reading, writing and listening. The results of the tests determine the level at wich you can start (level 0, A1, A2 or training for the exam at level B1). There is no need to take the language test if you can show us a recent official certificate stating your level of Dutch as a second language. This certificate should not be older than six months.

All groups only start with a least 8 students. Tests are taken when a course book is finished and in June.


The price of the course is €385,- for 20 lessons. This exludes the costs of the intake tests of €72,- and the purchase of books of about €30,- for the course book and €45,- for the grammar book.

Whenever a lesson cannot be given (e.g. because of illness of the teacher) the lesson will be made up at some other time.




T 0318-66 42 00

You will receive an invitation for an admission interview.